Jan 17 2011

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How to Start a Diaper Service Kit

Diaper Service Start-up and Operation Guidelines has been available to RDIA members and others since October 2010.

Diaper Service, Missouri, open 4 years.

. . . it has been good to confirm things we are doing, and good to know we are on the same page. . . I would recommend it to other businesses.

Start Up Diaper Service, Washington

Absolutely, I would recommend it. Much of the information is valuable. The marketing, laundry, and operations sections were very informative and provided essential content for my business plan.

Diaper Service, Georgia, open 3 years.

The kit is excellent. It provided some great information that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I had previously received another kit and found the RDIA kit much more friendly for non-laundry savvy people.

Diaper Service, New York, open 1 year

I have changed the way I operate my service! I send my diapers out for testing now. . . and I’m trying to figure out if we should have control over the washing process at this point or if we should wait and keep outsourcing. Excellent!

Start Up Diaper Service, Illinois

I though the kit was excellent, I would recommended it to any service that is established and to a start-up. If it had been around before I started, it would have saved me so much time.

Diaper Service, British Columbia, Canada, open 3 years

This is a good kit and I would recommend it! I would love to bring up my business to conform with the accreditation standards. I would love to see this accreditation brought back in!

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