Dec 08 2009

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Do you already own a diaper service and want to get more involved in the industry?

Join your diaper service colleagues in the Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA). One of the best business decisions you will ever make. Join RDIA today!

To make sure our trade association best serves you and every diaper service owner, we all need to participate. We need to focus on

  • our expectations,
  • our expertise, and
  • our priorities.

We need to share what we know with one another, with customers, and with the rest of the cloth diaper industry.

Now is an exciting time for diaper services, and we hope you choose to work with fellow members of the RDIA, working toward our common goal of promoting the use of reusable cloth diapers.

Immediate RDIA membership benefits for Diaper Services include:

  • Member Directory Listing
    All Real Diaper Industry Association members are listed here: diaper services, manufacturers, retailers, small manufacturers, and diaper information services.
  • Diaper Service Locater Listing
    A listing and link at the popular on-line diaper service locator page (formerly located at, the website of National Association of Diaper Services or NADS).
  • Networking with diaper service operators and other businesses in the cloth diaper industry
    Daily at the members-only forum
    Annually at the RDIA annual meetings
  • Group discounts including health insurance and office supplies.
  • Periodic e-newsletter with industry updates and alerts.
    Additional alerts for diaper services.

Diaper Service Committees

Our goal is 100% participation on committees within the diaper service membership of Real Diaper Industry Association.

  • Diaper Service Laundry – Responsible for obtaining and circulating information regarding laundering test methods for pH, residual chlorine, and bacteria.
    Chair: Needed
    Board Liaison: Needed.
  • Diaper Service Website & Marketing – Develop a short and long term marketing strategy for the diaper service segment of the RDIA. This will probably be in conjunction with other arms of the association.
    Chair: Peter Allen (Do Good Diapers);
    Board Liaison: Judy Aagard (Tiny Tots Diaper Service).
  • How to Start a Diaper Service – Responsible for creating and marketing a kit to help new and potential diaper service owners.
    Chair: Jennifer Moore Temple (Buzzie Bee Diaper Service);
    Board Liaison: Judy Aagard (Tiny Tots Diaper Service).
  • Coming Soon – Diaper Service Certification – Responsible for creating a certification program for diaper services.

Next Steps to Get Involved

  1. JOIN RDIA if you haven’t already.
  2. JOIN one of the committees or working groups listed above and get involved in diaper service projects. Write to info @ to be added to these groups. Contact the Chairs and Board Liaisons through the RDIA member directory.
  3. CONTACT the diaper service members on the board of directors. Let them know your needs within the industry so they can represent you.
  4. WRITE to diaper service volunteers with your questions at diaperservice @ realdiaperindustry . org
  5. GO to the RDIA member forums and ask or answer questions. Login to RDIA members-only website or write to diaper service volunteers for directions. Login prompt for members on the lower lefthand column of the RDIA website.
  6. COME to the next RDIA annual meeting (tentatively scheduled for September 2010) and meet your colleagues face to face.
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