Dec 08 2009

Why Diaper Service

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Would you like to find a diaper service to deliver cloth diapers for your baby?

Save TIME – Save MONEY – Save the EARTH
with a cloth diaper delivery service

  • Save time – A cloth diaper delivery service will pick up the dirty cloth diapers and do the washing. All you do is put the cloth diaper in a pail instead of the trash. Let someone else do the work.
  • Save money – A cloth diaper service is comparable to what you pay for national brand disposables. The cost is even less when you factor in faster potty training!
  • Keep Your Baby Comfortable and Healthy – Clean, fresh cotton on your baby’s skin, not plastic and wood pulp.
  • Be Green and Sustainable – Over 20,000,000,000 disposable diapers are thrown into landfills every year. Cloth diapering helps reduce waste.
  • Potty Train Earlier – It may seem early to think about potty training, but children in cloth diapers can be potty trained 6-12 months faster than children in disposable diapers.

How a diaper service works

Every diaper service is unique but here is a quick outline of how most services work.

  1. Your order of fresh, clean diapers are delivered 1-2 weeks before baby’s scheduled arrival, unless of course baby is already here!
  2. Take the clean diapers out of the bag and verify you have the correct number of diapers. Use the bag as the diaper pail liner.
  3. Place the dirty diapers in your pail.
  4. Place the bag of dirty diapers outside on your delivery day. Your diaper service will replace the bag of dirty diapers with a fresh set of clean diapers.
  5. Each week you service will count the number of dirty diapers returned to them and will deliver that number the following week.

It’s that easy. Sit back, raise a healthy, happy baby and let your diaper service do the cleaning.

What types of cloth diapers do services generally use?

Most services use high quality, Chinese or Indian prefold diapers. These are often called dsq or diaper service quality prefolds. This type of diaper is easy to use and provides excellent absorption.

What types of diaper covers work well with diaper service diapers?
Almost any cover will work well with prefolds, but consult your local diaper service for specific direction. Each baby is different in shape and growth. Your service can help you decide which diaper cover and size will be best for your baby.

Find out if there is a diaper service in your area.

Contact your local diaper service and start saving today.

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